Park, Pay and Fly with ease with Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport's ticketless parking system!

We have cutting-edge NG Meter machines installed and ready for your convenience. Our upgraded system offers a seamless experience for all visitors to the airport with options to pay via cashless e-ticket machines or via your phone.

Here's what you need to know

Who needs a parking e-ticket?

Paid parking is now in effect at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport. Everyone parking at the Airport, whether it's for 5 minutes or over 24 hours, will need to get a (paperless) e-ticket from a parking machine.

How does the e-ticket work?

Enter your details and car registration into the parking machines and you can opt to receive your e-ticket via email.

For a more convenient method, you can use the EasyPark app to pay from your phone.

About Infringements

The infringement penalty for those who do not obtain an e-ticket is $50 per day.

NG Meter Machine

How to pay for parking?

Option 1. Pay via the parking machines

Parking is free for the first 24-hours for all vehicles.

Parking via the e-ticket machine is $15 per day and can be booked for up to 24 consecutive days in a single booking

How to pay via e-ticket machines

Machine Locations

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport Paid Parking Machines

Option 2. Pay via the EasyPark app

Parking is free for the first 24-hours for all vehicles.

Download the EasyPark app, available on the Google Play and Apple store and register your licence plate.

Parking via the EasyPark app is $16.72 per day and can be booked for up to 14 consecutive days in a single booking.

Download the EasyPark app today

How to pay with EasyPark

Parking information

Pick-up/Drop-off Zone

The maximum stay is 2mins and drivers must remain with their vehicle.

Infringement Fees

Infringements for non-compliance with parking regulations are set at $50 per day.

Daily Inspections

Our Ranger Services team will be conducting daily inspections to ensure compliance with parking requirements.

Overflow Parking

It's important to note that the overflow parking area also falls under the new paid ticketing system, so be sure to use the new parking machines for a hassle-free experience.

Accessible Parking

We understand the importance of accessibility. If you have an ACROD permit, you can enjoy free parking in the designated accessible parking areas.

We're here to help.

If you have any questions or require assistance our team is here to help. We also welcome your feedback to assist us with the continuous improvement of our services at the Airport.

Phone: (08) 9021 9600