The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s Boulder Tourism Precinct Strategy Committee has been working with H&H Architects to develop a vision for the Boulder Tourism Precinct.

The Boulder Tourism Precinct is a visionary concept project that aims to reinforce place themes (defined below) by highlighting the Precinct’s unique character along with its existing positive attributes.

The Boulder Tourism Precinct Vision Master Plan will be developed in consultation with the Boulder Tourism Precinct Strategy Committee, key stakeholders, and the community of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Boulder Tourism Precinct

Place Themes

The project has the potential to invigorate historic Burt Street and Loopline Park by highlighting its rich history, heritage and cultural values. The following provides place themes that have been gathered through consultation with key stakeholders:

Proud to Be Boulder

Local historical stories showcase the experiences of past and existing residents.

Collective of Cultural Heritage

Boulder has a rich and ancient connection with First Nations People of the region.

Gateway to the Goldfields

Boulder is the eastern entry point for travelers arriving from across the Nullarbor into the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. As well as being a traditional entry place for Aboriginal people arriving from the remote eastern and northern lands.

Multicultural Experiences

Boulder has always been a place for a vast array of cultures to live and work and has been the setting for historic cultural conflicts that have now been used to pave the way for how we live and celebrate as a community today. Boulder continues to cement its place as a multicultural hub.


A Vision for the Boulder Tourism Precinct Survey

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.