Embrace Nature's Playground

Karlkula Park, a Better Park Experience

This collaborative project, between the City and Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group (KBULG), has the primary goal of improving the park's functionality and amenities. The key features of this initiative include the addition of a brand-new nature playground (with support of State Government Funding), the installation of upgraded toilets, an extension of the car park area, and the resurfacing of footpaths for enhanced accessibility and safety.

The combined features aim to create a more enjoyable and user-friendly experience for park visitors and a beautiful recreational place for the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community.

Karlkurla Bushland Park

Karlkurla Bushland Park on the outskirts of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, features over 200 hectares of native bushland, walking trails, and a lookout with a panoramic view of the Great Western Woodlands.

The Park is home to several unique flora species and abundant birdlife. It is also home to the Kalgoorlie Boulder Urban Landcare Group who maintain a community nursery and Eco & Cultural Education Centre.

It hosts hundreds of visitors per week who are both local residents and tourists to Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The weekly Park Run events are also a popular attraction.

Project Details

This project will enhance the usability of the park and feature a new nature playground, toilets, car park extension, and resurfaced footpaths. It will enhance the usability of the park with the development of a nature playground, accessible toilets, car park extension and redevelopment, and pathway resurfacing.

The project will be implemented in stages as detailed below:

Phase 1 – Car park expansion and resurfacing

(Funded by: The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder)

April to June 2023

The main entrance car park will be extended to accommodate more car parking bays and be fully resurfaced.

Phase 2 – Nature playground installation

(Funded by: KBULG, The State Government and The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder)

August 2023 - Installation Works Commencing

A new nature playground will feature exciting equipment for children, including a double-flying fox. The area will have a BBQ for families to enjoy, toilet facilities, and some animal sculptures by Aboriginal artists.

The Karlkurla Bushland Park Nature Playground is supported by the State Government as part of an election commitment.

Phase 3 – Resurfacing of footpaths

(Funded by: The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder)

November 2023

The resurfacing of the footpaths will make the walk/cycle more of a pleasant experience.

Phase 4 - Opening of Karkurla Bushland Park Nature Playground (KBULG)

Completion date is still to be confirmed.

Project Gallery

Karlkurla Bushland Park Development Project - Main Carpark and Footpaths (Phases 1 and 3)

Photos during construction works